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Essentials of Effectiveness

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Your success in business and in life depends on being able to satisfy four essential conditions:

1) a clear and uncluttered mind; 2) establish and never forget your priorities; 3) be accountable and not argue that you’re not; and 4) the most important of all, keep your word. You are probably thinking, “Easier said than done!”

THE ESSENTIALS OF EFFECTIVENESS can help. It provides an opportunity to investigate how you get things done: to examine not only what you think, but also the way you think, and to discover how your thinking helps and hinders your performance. You’ll address some of the common ways you may be undermining your effectiveness and learn simple and remarkably potent techniques for increasing your ability to get things done, improve your performance, and manage your ideas, plans, tasks, and communication. Also included is The Formula for Effectiveness™, which begins an exploration of your relationship to giving and keeping your word, and to being accountable, and why these dynamics are your most important assets.


3 ½ hours for groups of 5 or more.

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