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Fitness Program for Entrepreneurs

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When it comes to building a healthy new venture, it’s about more than milestones and KPIs.

Entrepreneurs encounter distinctive hurdles; some are not so easy to identify, and others are often overlooked or under-addressed. Getting to what’s at the heart of making an enterprise take root and thrive - from launch to longevity – may seem elusive, but it’s not magic and it’s not mercury. Through lively exchange and challenging exercises, participants investigate the success factors and habits that are fundamental and the vital signs to monitor for a new enterprise’s overall health.

Exercising the practices that accelerate and keep a venture on course, building the muscle power to right things when needed, and flexing with acumen and agility toward new opportunities when they arise, is what THE FITNESS PROGRAM FOR ENTREPRENEURS is designed to address. Learn what it takes to consistently bring forth the courage, the energy, the focus, and the will that is at the source of all sustained success.


One-day (or two ½ days) workshop for up to 10 participants.

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