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Purpose and Objectives

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Accomplishing goals consistent with your purpose is the formula for experiencing profound success and satisfaction.

We’ve all had moments of recognizing our purpose or mission—that clarity in knowing why we’re doing what we’re doing - and also had moments of considering we’re “lost,” frustrated, and no longer remember our “why”. The PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES program is designed to help you identify and articulate your purpose, create objectives consistent with that purpose, and develop a plan for accomplishing them. When you accomplish goals that are consistent with your purpose, you experience that profound success and satisfaction of being true to your essence – of integrity.

Purpose, as we define it, is ongoing; no matter how much you do, there is always more you can do. By examining various events in your life and exploring your aspirations, you’ll hone your unique purpose into a concise statement. Then, we help you develop objectives that are consistent with your purpose - measurable goals having a finite outcome or destination. Imagine what would be possible if your actions were consistently directed toward the fulfillment of your purpose?


Can be delivered for individuals or groups. 6, 2-hour meetings over 2 months.

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